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Khamis, 16 Julai 2009

Proton saga EV details

This is Proton New Saga Electric Vehicle (EV) built in-house project done with the help of unnamed suppliers and partners. It previewed at University Putra Malaysia (UPM), Serdang during the “Proton Exora - The Making” seminar organized by SAE International earlier this week.

The emissions-free Proton Saga EV on display features a 125kW (168hp) brushless DC electric motor, mated to a 5 speed manual transmission. It has a 20kWh Lithium Ion Polymer battery pack (12 separate batteries stored in the trunk). Because of the batteries, truckspace is pretty much non-existent but this is quite normal with concept electric cars based on a chassis that was originally designed to take a regular combustion engine and fuel tank. A production car would ideally have neater integration of the batteries.

According to Proton, the Saga EV can sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 10.1 seconds, up to a top speed of 161 km/h, with a driving range of 109 kilometers over a full charge. Both the Detroit Electric e46 and e63 will feature a 150kW Axial Magnetic Flux motor instead.

There is more! The “green-mobil” also features re-generative braking and an electric power steering, apart from a built-in Battery Management System (BCMU), a plug-in charger (with a household power outlet), air conditioning as well as an In-Vehicle display screen that displays various information pertaining to the electric vehicle functions. Sources also revealed that Proton has plans to built an electric Exora MPV, and, is currently working on some hybrid vehicles as well, for research and development.

Source: paultan.org

Description : A full electric vehicle demonstrator with zero emission that incorporates key technology such as Battery Management System

Spec :
  • 125 KW DC brushless motor
  • Equal to 168 Horsepower
  • 0-100kmph : 10.1 s
  • Maximum speed : 161km/h
  • Driving range : up to 109 KM
  • re-generative braking
  • electric power steering
  • Battery Management System
  • plug-in charger (with a household power outlet)
  • air conditioning
  • In-Vehicle display

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Lazyf... berkata...

good job Proton...sygggggggggg Proton... ;-)

xshiro berkata...

laa top 161kmh jer? takkan 10 seconds jer 0-100km..battery berat ker

nazri berkata...

gearbox berat.. or diorang da limitkan penggunaan kelajuan..

nazri berkata...

kat dalam website proton edar ada dia tulis top speed kereta kite ni 190kmph? huhu 160kmph je kan... tp still leh pergi smpai 200kmph... cuma berani tak berani jer...

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